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What is a boiler? Which Boiler should I use?

What is a boiler?

They are the devices that store the water heated by Apa electrical heaters or any water heating source, they are stored for a long time, and there is no need to re-heat the water during use. In this way, they are the devices that save money and energy.

In our website, you can reach the most suitable hot water solution for school, villa, office, factory, Turkish bath, dormitory hotel, hostel and dozens of different projects.

Boiler Types

Serpentine Boiler

The serpentine is a corrogated pipe in the boiler. These pipes keep the temperature of the water in the boiler by making hot water  passing through these pipes. Heating water becomes more economical as the serpentine increases.

Heat Pump water Boilers

Proper to work even at bad condetions. It is the Boiler which increases the efficiency of the heater by showing high performance for the systems that will operate at low heater fluid temperature with a high surface area of serpentine compared to other boilers.

Accumulation Tank

It is used to store higenic water in heating and cooling systems . it is generally palced on the back of a heat exchanger (plate type heat exchanger, etc.)

Electric Water Heater

Enamelled Boilers which provide prepairing and storing hot water by electric energy are used in hotels, buildings, villas, factories and wherever hot water  is needed.

Now on, all needed materials for the boilers are in our stock.

¼  single phase immersion heater (220 V).

6 kw Three Phase immersion heater.

7,5 kw Three Phase immersion heater.

10 kw Three Phase immersion heater.

15 kw Three Phase immersion heater.

26x300 mm magnesium anode rod.

26x400 mm magnesium anode rod.

26x600 mm magnesium anode rod.

Immersion heater therrmostat.

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